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Next Month: School Breakfast | Elementary Lunch | Middle School Lunch | High School Lunch |HS Cruisin' Cafe 

Lunchtime Solutions is happy to announce that we have made some significant changes to the look and functionality of our on-line monthly menus web page.  When your students or parents link to see their menus, they will now be directed to a customized page that is in a newsletter format, with routinely updated stories about the food service program, and that contains the links to their monthly menus.  
2016-2017 Prices
Paid Students
Reduced Price Students
Free Students
Elementary Lunch (BK-5)
MS/HS Lunch (6-12)
Cruisin’ Café Lunch (HS only)
Extra Lunch Entrée
Fresh Baked™ Pizza (MS/HS only)
Extra Cruisin’ Café Entrée (HS only)
Extra Milk
School Breakfast
Breakfast will be served in the dining areas before school starts. Please encourage your student to participate in school breakfast. Research studies show that eating breakfast can help students perform better in the classroom. Breakfast prices are:
Paid Student $1.85
Reduced price Student $.30
Free Student $0
Extra Breakfast Entrée $1.05
School Lunch
School lunch will offer a wide variety of choices for students. Elementary stu-dents have two entrée choices daily, while Middle/High School students are offered three entrée choices daily.
Entrees could include Homestyle Chicken & Noodles, Italian foods, Mexican foods, Chicken Nuggets, Entrée Salads, Wraps and Sub Sandwiches. All meals include an entrée choice, a hot vegetable plus the unlimited Fruit & Veggie Bar, and milk choices.
High School students are also offered the “Cruisin’ Café” Meal, which is a “grab & go” reimbursable meal that offers students a premium entrée choice, chips, fruit and milk.
Please feel free to join your child for a meal on any day. The cost for an adult breakfast is $2.05 and an adult lunch is $3.50 or $4.75 for a Adult Cruisin’ Café meal. We hope to see you there!
Your program is way ahead of the curve when it comes to the new school meal guidelines announced by the USDA in 2012. Lunch meals offer unlimited fresh fruits and vegetables, all of the required vegetable subgroups, only 1% white milk or fat free flavored milk, and many of the grains served are whole grain rich or even 100% whole grain. Beginning school year 13-14, Breakfast Meals will incorporate more whole grain-rich menu items. Menus will continue to be constructed so they appeal to students and exceed the requirements so we remain in total compliance well ahead of the schedules required.
Extra Entrée – Extra Milk
All Students, at an extra cost, can purchase an additional entrée or milk offered as part of the school lunch program. For example if a student wants a second entrée, or an additional entrée, like a slice of pizza, then that entrée can be selected in the lunch line and charged to the student’s account if the parent has given authorization to do so, otherwise extras can be purchased with cash. Extra entrees are only sold to students who first purchase a school lunch. Again, all students can have extra servings of canned fruit, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables at no charge. All extra servings of these items are free. If a student is free or reduced they may receive one entrée with their meal but they must have money in their account to purchase any extra entrees.
For Middle School and High School students, there will be a cash snack bar available during the lunch period. Items offered include: fruit drinks, fruit roll-ups, Rice Krispie bars, ice cream novelties, and Otis cookies. Elementary students may purchase a milk-shake, but only after they first purchase a school lunch meal.
School Lunch Account
Families are encouraged to visit with their students about their school lunch account and set any limits necessary. To assist parents with monitoring their student’s lunch account activity, please call Sherry Bohnet at 842-8106 and request a detailed statement. All checks for food service should be made out to Winner School District. All students can be informed of their account balance in the lunch line.
Outside Food and Beverage
The District does not allow the delivery of food or beverages from outside vendors or fast food establishments for a student’s breakfast or lunch meal. All meals are to be provided by the District’s School Food Service or a prepared meal from home may be sent with your student. No soda pop is allowed during the breakfast and lunch serving times.
Diet Modifications
Families are responsible for notifying the School Food Service if their child requires a diet modification because of a life threatening disability. A licensed physician must provide specific written medical documentation. Please contact the School Food Service office for more information.
Food Service Advisory Council
To provide feedback to us on how the food service program is working and to advise us on what changes could be made to make it work better, we have established a Food Service Advisory Council composed of students, faculty, and parents. If you are interested in serving on the Council or have any questions/comments/concerns, please feel free to contact a Council member or call Pam Day, the Food Service Director.